Your business social media account has changed on Facebook, here’s why…

21-JanWe are only half way through January and already there is a massive change to the way people go about their digital marketing, more specifically, their social media marketing. As of this month, Facebook has rolled out a huge change to their Newsfeed.

Facebook has been conducting surveys and asking people to fill out questionnaires relating to individual’s profiles and the content that they see in their Newsfeeds. They believe, based on the data they received that people were/are getting inundated with “spam” or advertorials in their personal Newsfeeds. Initially the changes to the algorithms last year showed a sharp decrease in reach for posts that were identical or remotely similar in content coming from the same user profile. Those adverts where people were selling things directly on Facebook profiles for example have almost been completely eradicated.

The new change in the algorithms now dictate that there will be an even further decrease in organic reach for business or company profiles and content. This is based on the fact that from the data they received from their surveys, people want to see more of what their “friends” are doing and less of what business’ are doing. Effectively, the only spot businesses will have the dedicated reach and viewership they have been accustomed to will be in the advertisement reel on the Newsfeed.

What does that mean for business and companies then?

Now, more than ever, content creation is of fundamental importance. Your content needs to be catchy, interesting and of value to the people that will be seeing your posts. Especially considering that your reach might be noticeably smaller than what you have been used to.

Your Inbound Marketing must be of the highest efficiency and quality. Thus with a decrease in reach, ensuring you only have the highest of potential clients and customers viewing your content will ultimately lead to a higher “client adoption” ratio. This will now be imperative to avoid unwanted and unnecessary added expenses for your social media marketing account.

Don’t be despondent about these changes and it most certainly doesn’t mean that social media for business is dead. If anything, it encourages business’ to start being more efficient and innovative when it comes to your social media and Inbound Marketing strategies and plans. Facebook business and the AOM team still believe that having a social media presence and profiles on your chosen platforms is of paramount importance.

Adaption is key. This change will most likely now dictate that your business become more CRM (client relationship management) orientated, which is never a bad thing. Converging on the customers that you do have and keeping them happy with excellent service coupled with the vicissitudes to your Facebook social media marketing will cement success.

Considering a robust CRM system and strategy coupled with a sound Inbound Marketing strategy will enable you to overcome the modification that Facebook has made and keep you on track to achieving your social media goals.

If you have any questions or comments on the Facebook changes or are wondering about how it will affect your social media marketing, please contact us here.