Why extraordinary customer service makes your business the best.

03-MarchPhew, financial year end is done and the new one has now begun. All your strategies and plans should be in motion by now. We hope that all your business’s auditing went well this last month. We’d like you to consider one thing though… Customer service. What springs to mind when you consider these two words? For us there are a multitude of quotes and sayings that pop up straight away. “The customer is always right. Without the customers, there is no business” the list goes on.

The reason there are so many of these sayings and quotes is because they are simply, fact. Business in the small/medium range will tell you that the reason why they are doing well or perhaps surviving in these trying times is because of customer loyalties. Customers that are choosing to stay with their current service providers or distributors because they have a great relationship. Customer service means different things in different industries and the methods to achieving it, we understand, are diverse. The principal is the same; the end user should have a simple and pleasant experience where they receive what they ordered. An even better analogy would be to say that the end user receives what they ordered and is amazed at the quality and professionalism of the service attached.

You can have the best product in the world; it will not suffice if your service is poor and no one knows of your product.

If you agree with this statement and put your customers first, no matter what, then you are already winning the battle. No doubt you have earned the respect and trust of your customers and their loyalties. In a digital age, with us all being reliant on mobile phones and computers could we really afford not to be visible or at very least communicating digitally? Can you imagine, for a second, what your working life would be like without a mobile phone or computer? What would happen to your business?

It would be a very uncooperative situation to be in. We have already agreed that customer service and a good customer relationship is of the utmost importance, not only for advancing your business but also galvanising it in harsh times. With this in mind, the big question is, would you rather be on your phone all day or on your computer for a fraction of a day?

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are easily managed and quantifiable systems that make your business more efficient and most importantly, does not negate the personal touch toward your customers. These systems enable you to better communicate with your customers, enable you to stay at the forefront of their minds and also allow you to deal with complaints as quickly as possible. It is a win-win situation.

Your client is constantly reminded of how much you value their business but it will take a fraction of the time and is most likely save you a hefty phone bill (at the very least).

It is a decision that makes sense to us. If you’d like to know more exactly how a customised CRM system could benefit your business and save you time while keeping that “personal touch” with your clients, please contact us here or on any of our various social media platforms.