What’s all the fuss about E-commerce?


We aren’t quite sure when exactly people decided to stop trading goods for other goods and instead started using shiny coins to purchase their good but, we are sure that it made everyone’s life a lot easier from that point on.

Picture it, not having to load a brood of your prized chickens onto your wagon only to trek all the way to a market place in order to exchange them for a few bags of wheat. All that was required was for you to jump onto your wagon, head down to the market and buy your monthly goods and, in exchange you only had to hand a few silver coins over to the seller… must have been so convenient.

And that is what all the fuss is about – Convenience

The average person’s shopping experience in South Africa

In today’s busy life style, who really has the time to get into ones car, drive to the local shopping centre and worry about safe parking. Then to walk through crowds of people, browse the isles and shelves of goods, compare their prices, make a decision on which one to take and then repeat the process for the next item on your list, and then the next item and the then next item and so on and so forth.

Once done, you would push your now clumsy shopping cart to the checkout till, unpack your goods from your trolley onto the counter so that a less than friendly attendant can scan and repack your goods into plastic bags. You would then need to pull out your wallet or purse and swipe your card to purchase the items (and that if the lights are still on and the card machine is online at the time).

Then you would once again need to push your cart to your car, fend off the numerous beggars and car guards and load your goods into your boot, drive all the way back home, unpack once again and repack your own shelves and fridge… time consuming and stressful isn’t it?

And that’s what all the fuss is about – Saving time

E-commerce and its place in society

Henry Ford once said that if he had asked people of the time what they wanted – they would have said, they wanted a faster horse – not a motorcar. As with the decision to stop trading goods for goods and instead use coins and right up until the decision was made to invent a website whereby you could purchase anything without leaving your home. What people really want and what people really need is absolutely anything that will save them time. E-commerce not only saves time but is enjoyable to the consumer as well (granted that the website you find yourselves using is user friendly).

What better way to get your monthly groceries or office supplies than in the comfort of your own couch or office chair? A few clicks here and there, and boom – done, your goods are on their way to you. It took a fraction of the time, cost you less and most of all you get to spend the time saved doing something valuable like family time with the kids or working on your business – generating money instead of only spending it.

Over the next few weeks our focus will be on sharing our knowledge on the topic of E-commerce industry and its place in South Africa. We will be covering aspects such as the Take-a-lot merger with Khalahari, the public perception of it as well as the effects this will have on local businesses trying to forge their own place in a vastly lucrative industry. Be sure not to miss out!