What NOT to do when using social media for business

*Part one in a series of five.
What NOT to do when using social media for business
Part one in the series of five articles.

There are hundreds of articles published each year on what to do on social media, how to talk, what to say, how to say it and when to post it etc. Which are sometimes helpful, insightful and generally worth the read. We don’t think there is anything wrong with producing articles of that nature whatsoever, in fact you will probably find a few of them on our site.

It simply struck home that not many articles are written on what shouldn’t be done on social media when combining it with your marketing mix in your business.

One of the main contributing factors to generating successful content online is that it should be useful to your readers and therefore a justification of their time that they spend reading it. If this is the case, then surely sharing what shouldn’t be done is as important as what should be done?

We thought as much and have come up with a list of our top five “no no’s” for business social media, and will be posting one “don’t” every two weeks to give them enough time to settle into your minds.

The first on our list is don’t be a robot:

Technology is making it easier and easier to automate online functions like post scheduling and auto replies. However, social media is about real conversations and a real conversation needs a human element.

To establish our point we make use a twofold scenario, by giving you the situation which would take place on a social media platform and following it up by a comparison as if it were to take place in a real world environment.

Social media platform: When you have set up an automated post as well as set your system to send an automated reply when someone comments on it.

Real world environment: Going to a party wearing a T-shirt that has “Ask me a question” printed on it, and when someone does start a conversation, you then proceed to pull out your mobile device with pre-recorded answers on it. Yes, the same weird look you got at the party is the same look that will be on your reader’s faces, and chances are they won’t be back for more.

There is nothing wrong with making use of technology to streamline your processes, however any good social media manager will agree that if someone (a potential client, customer or brand advocate) has taken the time to engage with your content, the best answer is a human one.

Social media platforms are continually evolving and supporting software with it, making it easy for you to monitor your social media platforms and be notified when there is activity on any of them.

While it is acceptable to make use of automated replies during out of office hours, some logic needs to be used when scheduling a post in conjunction with automated replies. The principle needs to be, don’t start a conversation if you can’t be apart of it.

We have five social media “dont’s” to share with you but, that’s not to say that’s all that should be on the “No no” list. If you have a social media “don’t” that you think people should consider before their next post please share it with us, we would love to hear them!