The sure-fire way to counter the decline of your Organic Reach on Facebook

Have you noticed a decrease in your organic reach on Facebook? 

30-JuneWith over two million blog’s being produced and published every day how do you make your content stand out from the rest?

It’s a question that troubles every marketer on a daily basis and, if you are responsible for your own business’s online marketing, it should trouble you as well.

There is no denying that the recent changes in Facebook’s algorithm have resulted in a world-wide decrease in organic reach. Which in layman’s terms means that your content will begin to be seen by less and less people.

Fortunately there are two very obvious solutions to this problem so there is no need to start pulling your hair out just yet. The first solution (which is the one Facebook would prefer) is to throw money at it. By means of boosting more posts to make up for the drop in organic reach by supplementing it for paid reach. For some, this is an acceptable way forward as Facebook advertising costs are very reasonable. However for the rest out there, finding more money, in already tight budgets, is not an option.

So what is the other option? How do you ensure that your fans (who you have worked hard to get) will continue to enjoy seeing or reading your content? The answer is two-fold.

Better content.

Researching more and putting more effort into your content is a sure-fire way to show your readers/ customers that you are evolving. But better content doesn’t necessarily mean longer articles. It could be as simple as using more exciting images or provocative titles.

More engagement.

It goes without saying that if you have exciting content then the people reading it will be more likely to share, like or comment on your post. The penny should have dropped for you after reading that sentence. If more people are sharing your content, then more people are seeing your content via the sharer that did it, not so? That means an increase in organic growth!

The kicker here is also that, should you start engaging with the person that has shared your post, the more likely you are to build a relationship between that person and your brand, which favourably increases the chances of that person sharing or engaging with your future content.

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