The power of twitter explained – a real life case study

25-MarchWe recently had the privilege of being the performance reporting service provider to the 6th Annual IT Leaders Africa summit held at the Maslow hotel in Sandton. This was due to us specializing in Metrics but also because we have always been huge advocates of Twitter but, over the two day conference the immense power of the platform really struck home for us.

While listening to some South Africa’s biggest companies being represented by their CIO’s (Chief Information Officers) discuss the future of the IT industry and simultaneously tracking the summits hashtag – (#ITLAfrica) we were able to catch a glimpse at the sure awe-inspiring influence Twitter has when it comes to touching people’s lives and the control that is has to spark ideas, excite imaginations and literally spread ideas like wild fire – albeit digitally.

The tracking period for the hashtag was 48 hours but, over just two short days a whopping 606 380 people were reached. Now as mentioned above, the event was held in South Africa and the content discussed at the summit was mainly based on the environment South African companies find themselves in. We would therefore assume that the majority of active users using the hashtag would be South African citizens or that a portion of the delegates were from other countries but were physically at the event. Predictably this was correct as our metrics showed an 80% demographic engaging from within RSA.

But what is even more amazing is that even though the event was a hosted in South Africa approx. 20% of the engaged users and impressions came from beyond our shores. Why is this amazing you may ask? Let’s do the math, a local event reached over 600 000 people, 20% of those were not physically in South Africa at the time, that means that 60 000 people showed an interest in an event that they could not attend but wanted to follow as they were… you guessed it, interested in what was being discussed.

What’s even better is that all of this exposure was generated organically i.e. Free

There was no paid advertising done for the event, no boosted or promoted posts, nope none of that, this was pure and simple word of mouth or, more aptly out “Word of fingers”.

Now while keeping the above in mind, imagine just how much your business could grow if you effectively used and measured your Twitter profiles? Just think how many more people could be introduced to your brand, your product or your service? How much more brand awareness you could generate and how much more brand loyalty you would achieve if you took the time to understand the platform your customers are already on.

Heinrich Kukkuk – CIO of Aveng Group said “Embracing the Cloud is like marriage, it is scary but you just got to do it” We believe the same thing can and must be said about the power of Twitter.