The over asked question of all time – Should your company be on social media?

Blog-21-May-2014It’s a question that gets asked by senior staff members in senior management roles far more than is conceivable in a world that has more than accepted social media as part of the norm (both personally and professionally). Our response to the question is always the same “The short answer, YES 

But, if it were that easy to convince people about the vast benefits of social media then it would be a fair guess that there would be no need for this blog. However, it isn’t. So instead of taking our word for it we went on the hunt for and actual case study of a successful company that has made the transition into social media and most importantly, is doing it well and is reaping the rewards.

In the latest Social Customer Engagement Index 2014 by Social Media Today (Sponsored by SAP), analyst Brent Leary interviewed three top executives from Nissan namely Eric Marx – Director of Interactive & Social Media Marketing, Rob Robinson – Senior Specialist in Social Communications and Andrea Lopez – Social CRM Manager.

A range of questions were put to the three Nissan execs regarding what the challenges were that they faced regarding whether or not they should create a social media presence and be active on it, but the answers that stood out for us the most were:

“Securing budget and headcount without even a guesstimate at ROI has been a major challenge. Having to prove that this wasn’t “optional” became a matter of likening it to not picking up the phone when it rings. You don’t wait to start answering until you can prove how much money it’s going to take you; you just start answering it. The executives recognized that and told us to do what we needed to do for our customers.” 

It must be said that we were fans of Nissan prior to the interview already, and its true that we felt a deeper connection to the brand after reading the transcripts however, a major lesson that we took away from it was this, no matter how big or small your company might be, you will always face the daunting task of taking the first step into the world of social media, but as said best by Eric Marx:

“Ultimately, we were able to make the case that it made more sense to be active and visible in social media than it did to be absent or unresponsive.” 

In summary, should your company be on social media? The short answer is YES. However should you need any more information, tips or assistance please don’t hesitate to subscribe to our weekly updates or  contact us, we can’t wait to hear from you!