The Future is INBOUND Marketing

The Future is INBOUND MarketingWe’ve recently been talking about the importance of having a social media presence for your business. We hope that you’ve enjoyed and learnt a few things since. Great, so your social media accounts are getting better and you’re happy with the progress, NOW WHAT?

You should be thinking of Inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is the qualitative process of all of your digital marketing efforts.

This process is what gives you the quantitated leads and helps you better gauge your ROI based on your social media marketing strategies. How you should look at it this, you cast your social media and digital marketing net as far and wide as you can and then have a process whereby you filter to better engage and generate sales with people who are looking to use or buy your services or products. It is almost similar to having a travelling salesman/woman but without the costs associated with it.

The 4 fundamental steps to Inbound marketing are:

1. Attract – This is where you use your social media the most. By having good social media marketing strategies in place and maintaining a good presence on your given platforms, you’ll generate that interest.

2. Convert – Why should someone use your product or service over someone else’s? This is the “pitch” where you tell them why you are the best and the benefits your services or products offer. We know that this is going to be a more in depth look at what your business offers so you need to supply more information to the prospective client in order to “convert” them. This is where “calls to action” come in. For instance using newsletters is great because you’ve got a whole page to get your message across to these prospective clients in order to better entice them and show them the benefits and special aspects of what your company offers. Remember, when someone signs up to receive your newsletter they have shown a qualified interest in what you offer so it is counted as a substantiated lead.

3. Close – This is the “sale.” At this point, the proverbial ball is in your prospective client’s court and it is up to them to decide whether or not to use your services or products. If you’ve done a good job of “Attracting and Converting” them up to this point, it should be a “no brainer” for them to choose your services or products.

4. Delight – This is the best part. Simply do what you said you’d do and deliver exceptional service and quality and you’ll have gained another loyal client.

Inbound marketing is ever evolving and there have been some exceptionally good ideas that top brands have used in the past. Be creative, let your imagination flow and above all engage.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on Inbound marketing and social media success stories thus far, we welcome you to share them on the platforms below.