The 3 Most important factors for your Digital Marketing

social_icons1There are so many things to consider when it comes to your Digital Marketing. The goal post seems to change on a regular basis and keeping up with new adaptions or new “thinking” seems to be never ending.

There are so many different factors in the Digital Marketing sphere. Metrics, Customer Relationship Management, Online Reputation Management, Design, Social Media and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To throw another cog in the machine, you’ll no doubt have been told not to forget your conventional marketing.

There is a lot to consider when embarking on your Digital journey but it doesn’t have to be too complicated.  Our advice, consider partnering with a person or company who can best help you achieve your goals on your budget and start with good habits from the start. This way, from the beginning, you’ll have a sound understanding of the processes and thoughts behind a great Digital Marketing strategy and from there, how best to adapt to the never ending changes. Even though Digital Marketing is consistently morphing there are 3 factors we believe will not:

Planning – Having a sound plan will stand you in good stead to stream line all your processes for your Digital Marketing. Planning is a continuing process and there are many recent instances where having had a solid plan, embarrassing situations and corporate images would not have been dented. Patience should also be a key factor when considering your plan. No new process will be absolutely perfect from the start, give your company time to adapt to what will suit your planning best and make allowances for that.

Time – Everyone thinks that it’s the posts, updates and tweets that take the most time. Content is what takes time. Blogs, newsletters, posts, tweets, engineering your content will sometimes take time and remember that having a good “content quality control” should be considered. Your content will always be interesting in that, anyone searching your company will be looking for more information to begin with. Formulating your content in a manner that it is easily consumed can be what takes more diligence but is imperative.

Trust – More specifically your brand trust. This is achieved by consistently delivering excellent, accurate content on your digital platforms. Content formulation will bolster this and ultimately add to your reputation. Earning the trust of your followers should always be the end goal. All of the most successful digital strategies that have been implemented were based around gaining consumer trust. Your business delivers a quality service or goods and it’s up to your Digital Marketing to show them why. Earn consumer trust and you will gain valuable brand ambassadors.

With these factors in place, you will not only have a solid online presence but also a key point to go back to when the new changes start rolling in.

We would love to hear what you consider to be your most important digital marketing factors and we would love to advise or help you, you can contact us here or on our various social media platforms listed below.
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