Social Media, the Jack of all trades and master of… ALL

20-AugWe all know of Social Media as the set of tools that people use to post photographs of their holidays and babies and keep in touch with friends and family (to a degree). It’s sometimes used to tell their followers how they are feeling at that particular time or maybe just to upload a selfie. This is what many people think of as soon as they hear the term “Social Media” and it makes sense because many people only know of this application for it.

The uses for social media are rapidly increasing and diversifying and we are sure they will continue to do so for a good while yet.

Some of the trials being conducted using social media in the United States of America for instance are “social media after school lessons” or “messenger type groups for homework help”. Both of these include social media platforms that extend outside the classroom. The teacher either helps on a “live basis but remotely”, through the designated platform or could post a short “how to” video for the students to watch or listen to, should they require some extra tuition. Students also use it as a “support group” posting and sharing ideas in a social media group also helping each other with assignments and exam preparations.

Social media platforms like YouTube are free public knowledge. We are very hard pressed to think of a topic you couldn’t learn anything about on YouTube. It’s free, it’s mostly entertaining, it can be very educational, what’s not to like? The same applies to most of the social media platforms; the amount of knowledge and sometimes nonsense you can read or watch on social media sites is very impressive.

Social media has proven to be a fantastic networking tool where you can instantly join groups and conversations with like minded people and skip the sometimes awkward silence you get in person with someone at a networking event. You could use it to meet with people in your industry or some people use it to find a new industry all together.

It has become a powerful research tool. Recruiting agencies will actively research a candidates social media profiles scouring for anything they might be “happy with” or “not so happy with.” P.S, studies show that recruiters are happy when you’ve told them the truth on your CV and not so happy when you’ve used profanities in your posts, pictures or tweets. #justsaying. People use social media channels to research everything from new cars to Bioinformatics. It puts the consumer in the driver seat and dictates that retailers not only catch the consumer or researchers eye but also have to hold their eye and attention.

Then of course there is the marketing side of social media and to see how this is done we invite you to browse through our array of blogs here.

Social Media is an amazingly versatile tool that can be used for multiples of functions. A common misconception is that social media is only for large corporations or businesses. THIS IS NOT TRUE, AT ALL. The brilliance of social media is that it is for everyone. The fact that large corporations and businesses have a strong presence is just a good indication that all businesses should be considering their future social media presence and engagement levels in order to maximise their potential.

What other novel ways have you thought of using social media for? Let us know or join the conversation on our social media platforms.

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