Social Media Seduction

Blog-24-JuneWith over 1 Billion people using social media, every month, worldwide, we can safely say social media has seduced us. There are very few things in human history that have had such a profound effect on us as a collective.

Social media has been behind people sharing their most personal of emotions to the world, collaboration across continents, educating people in the most remote parts of the world and it has even “broken – up” with people (sometimes very publicly too).

In the Oxford dictionary seduction is described as “The action or an act of seducing (a person) to err in conduct or belief; allurement (to some course of action).” Indeed it has allured people to do some great and strange things on a world stage. This is all in personal capacities though, what about social media for businesses?

Allurement is the key. It is quoted in the Oxford dictionary as “Alluring faculty or quality; attractiveness, appeal; fascination, charm.” Have you noticed how this description could also be used to describe successful companies?

Different things allure different people but what doesn’t change when it comes to allurement in business is quality.Based on online studies, consumers rank the things “most likely to instill confidence before buying a product or service as”:

  • Quality
  • Friend/Online referrals
  • Cost

When you provide a quality product or service Stage 1 of your allurement is complete. Stage 2 is the tricky part but if the 25-June2allurement is already there on a “social level” you can also use that on a business level. Stage 2 is relevant to your company profile or product, it should create that allurement and desire in people, the “want” of your product or service. Some would even use the word “need.”

From a business perspective, social media is great for this because you have “carte blanche” on how your business comes across. Think of it as using social media to assign a “personality” to your company. Take your time with your “company personality” and make sure you are completely happy with it. Once you are ready and happy with your “company personality” all that’s left to do is gain friends, followers and fans. Gaining customers online should be the same as anywhere else, you engage with the person, get to know them and – keeping in touch always goes a long way.

By being yourself or company on social media, gaining friends, followers, fans and building a rapport with your clients, employees and even competitors, you can generate online confidence in your company, that wonder and allurement will bring in referrals and engagement, put all of that together and it will keep your social media seduction flame burning.