Social Media Brightens Up An Otherwise Very Dark Day In History

Social Media Brightens Up An Otherwise Very Dark Day In History

Social Media Brightens Up An Otherwise Very Dark Day In History

After the shocking attacks on Paris and Lebanon last week, the world was once again put into a state of shock as reports started to emerge that a further attack on Brussels was imminent.

One would of thought the request that followed this news by law enforcement and government agencies for the public not to tweet or post any information regarding the movements of police would have been the final straw that broke the camel’s back and driven the public into a state of panic, But humans are incredible creatures and by making use of cat memes and the hash tag #BrusselsLockdown they were able to show their resilience and lighten the mood during an otherwise very emotional and dark day for Europe, and the world as a whole.

Social media expert Jason Mollica told that the cat memes served as a useful tool in a difficult time. He was quoted as saying “In Brussels, they are saying ‘as serious as this is, we have to keep our humor’,” he continued to say that. “In the wake of the Paris attacks and other terrorist attacks around the world, we see people going to social media for support.”

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Jason Mollica went on to say that “Social media has played a significant role in the response to the horrific terror attacks in Paris earlier this month. Parisians, for example, used the hash tag #PorteOuverte or “Open Door,” to offer support and shelter to people affected by the attacks.

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The hash tag #JeSuisParis or “I am Paris” was also widely used to express solidarity with Parisians. In the wake of the Paris attacks, social media showed how quickly the world came together to support People in Paris and those affected by the attacks.”

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In this day and age we’re seeing a lot of people go to social media as an opportunity to share and to grieve.”

Social media continues to demonstrate just how far reaching it is and also how effective it can be as a communication medium. But what is most striking to us is how social media is emerging as a coping mechanism for people all around the world. It has become a place where people can turn to find comfort and reflect on what has happened, a new digital world where you can share your thoughts and feelings with your neighbors, even if your neighbors happen to be half a world away.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the recent attacks.