Social media, a hero’s tool.

Social media, a hero’s tool

Social media, a hero’s toolMost people are aware of the flooding that is currently happening in South Carolina USA. It is a terrible situation for any community to have to endure. Watching possessions and homes flood and be ruined must be not only frustrating but devastating as well. Knowing there is nothing you can do must be heart wrenching.

In a situation like that, normal life is completely and utterly disrupted. There can be no normality; not knowing where will be dry, where aid will come from and how long it’ll all take. It must be a tumultuous time for all those people.

For the people sure, it’s hard, but imagine the pets. Dogs, cats, horses, and birds they are all struggling there too. Animals have been proven to have instinctual habits to avoid and flee areas where natural disasters are imminent.

That’s what’s happened in South Carolina. Many, many pets have been misplaced or have found themselves lost because of the flooding. Missing their families and if humans feel hopeless in those situations knowing aid will come, we could only imagine what it must feel like for an animal not knowing where their family is.

Fortunately social media and people are managing to save the day. Facebook pages have been set up and are proving as lost “notice boards” not only for people but more importantly for those poor animals.

As you would imagine it is a pretty simple idea, post a picture of the pet and let people know where you are. Simple, right? Well yes it would be if you didn’t have to keep moving to higher ground to avoid the ever raising flood waters. Then there is the navigational part too, how do you navigate if the landmarks you’re used to are underwater?

The people in these communities are using social media not only to let people know of the animals they’ve found but also to keep running updates of how these animals are doing. We can imagine it must be at least a little comforting knowing your pet is being cared for in times of desperation and need.

Social media is proving to be a kind of community forum too. People are keeping up to date with the situational awareness, letting multiple groups know of aid stations, dry spots and evacuation rendezvous. All of this is being communicated at a fraction of the time because of the multiple group bursts that are possible with social media.

It just goes to show that there is still a lot of good left in the world and given the right tools like social media we as a collective can do truly heroic things.

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