Not all adverts are equal

Blog-28-May-2014Almost every person in South Africa is subject to some form of conventional marketing every day. Be it, street pole adverts, billboards, flyers, radio adverts and a few others. But as a business owner how do you quantify who has seen your adverts? Who remembers your adverts? Was it value for money? How many leads will it generate for your company?

And most importantly, what information do you get back from your adverts? The answer is nothing.

Unfortunately you will not get any usable data from your street poll adverts or flyers.In a world of “on-demand” information, being heard or seen can become quite a daunting task for any business not to mention very expensive if you start considering the costs demanded by conventional marketing companies. But thanks to social media and online marketing, the playing field has been leveled.

Social Media and Online Marketing have three pivotal points that put it ahead of conventional marketing, namely, improved efficiency, cost effectiveness and accuracy of your marketing strategies.

Cost efficiency because there are no conventional marketing costs, no printing charges and cold calling all because you are on the internet, which as you know, connects you to the world and directly to clients and potential clients using your social media profiles, where ever you are.

Online Metrics improves efficiency by providing real-time, accurate data from your online social media profiles and website. This includes demographics and social groups viewing your profiles and website. Views on your website and how long they spent on each of your pages. Defining key broadcast times and dates as well as (and this is an important point; remember) people who have viewed your web page are confirmed leads. If they have found you, it confirms their interest in your company or product/ service.

Your “reach” is defined by how many people have seen your broadcasts online. These can be tracked whereby you can actually see how many people have seen your online posts and comments. These are all time and date stamped so you can better gauge when to post, comment, send out newsletters and ultimately gain new followers. All of this data can be used to tailor your marketing strategy, engage better with people interested in your company and generate conversations online. The more you engage with people online the more interactions you will have and the more interactions you have the more conversations you generate.

Accuracy ties both cost efficiency and metrics together. With timely, real-time, accurate data, you will build a clear picture of the trends created by your marketing strategies and the people viewing your online profiles. With all of that information at your disposal, tracking your progress becomes much simpler and it will lead to more reliable projections for your future strategies.

Any reputable online marketing company will be able to help you with all of these aspects. Creating content for your company profiles is the first step to generating conversation and increasing engagement. Specialised metrics will help define your target demographic and social groups and then define clear, concise online marketing strategies. When you combine all of these elements it will lead to a competitive edge in your business online sphere.

With all of this in mind we struggle to think of any flyers or billboards that could deliver the same service for your business.

Should you like any further information or if should you wish to be contacted regarding your own social media/ online marketing please don’t hesitate to contact us here.