Misconceptions of Online and Digital Marketing

Blog-09-JulyOur blog from last week “Don’t be afraid to ask for help” was all about online help  where we thought it apt to do our bit to help our subscribers. There are some misconceptions that we here at AOM have come across in the past and we want to be able to try and clear them up and add some clarity to what some of the “ins and outs” of Online and Digital marketing are and inspire you to consider all your options when setting out on an Online and Digital Marketing journey.

1. “Online marketers, those are the people that make websites?”
– Yes they do create and maintain websites however online marketing is so much more than just building websites. Websites are only one of the tools a good online marketer has at his/her disposal. As it stands today a website is imperative to a company profile but only having a website is not always enough. It’s about the people that see your website, how you get them to make the decision to get to your website and then how they interact on the website and your business. These are the quantifiable qualities that help you evolve your online marketing strategies and then make concise decisions on how to evolve and move forward.

2. “Social Media is not for me or my business” – Social media is for any business looking to grow, expand their online footprint and ultimately generate sales for the company. It can be used for any business, in any sector. It can even be used to generate camaraderie between the company and its employees. The uses are exceptionally beneficial and are only limited to your creativity. There are so many social media platforms and all of them appeal to different demographics, saying “there is no platform that suits my prospective clients” is like saying “I like getting shocked.” Check out our blog “Social Media Seduction” here for some more background information on social media.

3. Online marketing = Digital Marketing – Granted, there are many instances where they are very similar but the fundamental difference is that Digital Marketing is a more “all round” option. It includes SMS marketing, digital newsletters, “calls to action”(these include things like, asking clients to partake in a survey of your products which increases your client database and generates more interest in your business and products, for instance). Digital marketing includes inbound marketing, detailed metrics reporting, these are just to name a few. Digital Marketing is hyper detailed; more specialised and provides more usable data for your company. It is one thing to have lots of information but it needs to be quantifiable, usable information. That’s the key to be able to use it to benefit your business. Our advice when considering how to go about your business’ Digital Marketing is:

  1. Decide on how you would like to market your business online, focus on concepts, implementation, time frames, the  “look and feel” of your business online and the online experience you’d like your viewers to have.
  2. Consider all your options, for example, which social media platforms are more pertinent to your prospective     clients? Will SMS marketing perhaps be more beneficial than online newsletters?
  3. Formulate your digital marketing strategy and implement realistic, attainable goals.
  4. Be patient, it takes time to gain good traction and allow people to get to know your business.
  5. Be creative and enjoy yourself.

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