Managing your brand reputation onlineAfter last week’s sensational info-graphic you’re on your way to your fully fledged social media strategy and integration. This week, we discuss how you’ll keep going from strength to strength and how to keep your brand strong by managing your brand reputation online.

Be Transparent

Transparency is the best motto to adopt. Simply put, just being honest goes a long way. This is supremely beneficial whether you’re dealing with negative or positive criticism.

Take the recent incident with one of our low cost airlines, the pilots were doing their job and couldn’t let people in the cabin know what was going on and what the situation was. Now that’s fine in the situation but as soon as the aircraft landed there should have been someone monitoring the social networks.

A lot of bad PR and social PR could have been avoided if someone from the airline had just explained the procedure to the passengers. Just being transparent and explaining why the pilots were silent and why the aircraft reacts in those situations would put many people’s mind at ease.

Keep Current

Keep current with what people are talking about with regards to your business. Prime example, one of our team members belongs to an aquarium forum group on Facebook, when asking where the best place to get aquarium livestock, the replies where directed at 1 specific supplier and they were all negative comments about the service, quality of supplies and the price. You must expect that people will be talking about your brand. That is of course the main reason most people are on social media, to connect.

Uniformed Approach

Keep all your online profiles uniform. This helps with not only creating your brand identity but also in showing that professionalism you have.

It’s no good having all your profiles looking radically different.

It just doesn’t give off the right tone and sentiment. Use your profiles as your online business cards, show people what you’ve got.

Fight fire with fire. Sometimes criticism goes too far.

If posts or comments use obscene language, false accusations or are defamatory in any way considering further action is sometimes necessary.

You can always put a positive spin on comments but sometimes you’ll need to be firm in order to achieve your best results.

Don’t ever be afraid to seek help. Letting a comment or post fester will cause a lot of damage. If you feel you’re not sure how best to approach or deal with those situations consult with a professional that can help smooth things over quicker and efficiently for you. Make the call early and get it sorted as quick as possible.

We’d love to hear if you’ve ever had to deal with online criticism and what you feel worked the best for you while managing your brand reputation online
. You can contact us here or on any of our various social media platforms.