Just get it done – should not be your motto

04-June-2014“Stick to the plan” is what your motto should be.

If you are a business owner and have the added pressure of being responsible for your social media, as well as everything else that goes into running a successful business, then the title of this blog appealed to your nature didn’t it? No, we’re guessing it didn’t.

In our findings, as a business owner the most appealing thing to you is that you can work to your own schedule, get as much done regardless of the time spent doing it, and sleep when you are dead. That’s more like the average entrepreneurs view point on being productive right?

However just consider for a second how less pressured you would be if you had normal working hours. You would be far better rested and as a result far more creative and productive in the new day that dawns tomorrow. If you had a plan or a work schedule wouldn’t it aide in letting you let go a little? Boost your mental state by letting you get some rest, or even give you the extra time you need to see your friends, or just catch up on your favourite series on TV?

The saying goes that “by not planning you are inevitably planning to fail”. By not sticking to a schedule or work plan it becomes easy to get disorganised, lose track of tasks that should have been done days ago, forget to click send on an important email or worse, not respond to that all important post or comment that could of potentially boosted your business!

Another saying goes that “you can’t cry over spilled milk”. We cannot change what has happened and we certainly can’t go back and correct a mistake that has already been made. But here is what we can do; we can take preventative measures to ensure we are better prepared for the next time around.

Here are some ways to help you plan your work life and assist in you sticking to it:

  • Think of yourself as an employee, i.e.: 08am – 5pm
    Included in this is to plan and actually take a break. Where you could go for a quick snack, go for a walk, read the news, but above all else, don’t do any work related activities. Giving your mind a break from its usual job is exactly what it needs to enable it to concentrate and deliver on that job. It’s that simple.
  • Buy a diary, calendar app or task reminder and make it an extension of your arm
    Write down everything that needs to get done and schedule meetings well in advance. This might sound like obvious advice but by planning your week before it gets started is a sure fire way to ensure you aren’t double booking yourself. You are also consciously making yourself aware of deadlines that need to be met.
  • “Plan the work, work the plan”
    To this day it is one of our favourite sayings. Give yourself enough time to adequately research, create or design your work well before it is meant to be published or posted. This not only results in better quality work but also helps you reward your loyal fans that keep a look out for your weekly blog. Your fans and followers are everything, don’t disappoint them by being late or providing them with substandard work.

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