Is your business pulling the social media cart before the digital donkey?

Here at AOM we pride ourselves on staying up to date and at the forefront of current social media trends. In order for us to do this we have to do a lot of research (which for us is brilliant.) We are huge advocates of social media marketing and digital marketing as a whole. After all, we are a digital marketing agency. Something that we have been noticing recently is what we call “pulling the social media cart before the digital donkey.”

04-FebLet us explain, picture this, you are on your preferred social media platform either for business or personal reasons, up pops a brilliant advert or an interesting article comes up. You click on the link with anticipation… the website loads and… it’s horrible! What a let down! The website design and layout is outdated, the “look and feel” is from another era and the functionality is absolutely terrible. The best one is when you click on these links and get redirected 9 times before you can eventually read what it was you set out to read, frustrating? We definitely think so.

Social media is a phenomenal tool for digital and inbound marketing but it is not best used as a “stand alone” option. The reasoning for this is that you simply would be wasting your time and effort trying to put your company profile on Twitter or Instagram for instance. You may have a little more success on Facebook or LinkedIn but, not enough to call it social media campaign success.

The reason for this is simple. Social media is for “bite size information.” Bite size as in, the amount of information consumed on the actual social media platform. Blurbs are there to entice your reader to continue reading or consuming your content, where is your content? On your website.

Is it any good having a marvelous social media digital marketing campaign only to be let down by a shoddy website? We think that is ludicrous.


Consider ensuring that your website is the best it can be before running your next social media marketing campaign. A huge amount of people will bounce your website if it isn’t catchy and entertaining or the functionality is weak.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must. It’s a fairly simple process and tool but every little bit helps to directing traffic to your website and generating your inbound marketing traffic as a whole.

We are huge devotees of social media for business. The facts and figures we have published in previous blogs speak for themselves, however, social media is still a tool to enhance your digital marketing, not take over it.

We would love to hear what your thoughts are when it comes to websites and social media advertisements, the good and the bad. Please feel free to contact us here or on any of our social media platforms.