Is Your Brand Hurting Your Business?


Think back to when you went to your first party at varsity or the first time you went out after receiving your first pay check. You felt good, looked hot and probably matched the “in” trend back then didn’t you?

Now dust off your photo album and take a look at some of those photos. You may be laughing and thinking “what on earth was I thinking”, You might still want to wear the same clothes
– heck, you might even still have some of them in your closet somewhere. Or perhaps you are from a younger generation, in which case you are probably wearing them as you read this.

Whichever one of these categories you fall into one thing is certain, the clothes you wore back then are simply not modern. New styles come out, fashion trends take hold and the look and feel of the world changes every season.

Now apply the same thinking to your business, or more appropriately – your brand.

A brand refresh is effectively the same concept as having a makeover. While you don’t always need to change everything sometimes an improvement here and there to your brand and hey presto – your company is back in competition because you are current.

Changing your appearance too often can sometimes be a little weird to the people who are looking at you.
– The same can also be said about your business’s brand.

So how do you know when the time is right?

If your business is in any of the two situations below then we think a brand re-fresh or re-design should be on your next meeting’s agenda.

  1. Take a good look at your logo and then at one of your competitors.
    Does yours seem outdated? Remember that an aged logo could hurt your overall image and result in customers going elsewhere. Your brand identity speaks volumes about your business, it’s the first thing a customer will see and it should portray you in a positive light.
  1. Are you still getting the same amount of traffic to your website or physical location?
    You may no longer be reaching the people you want because your target market has shifted since you first launched your business. Refreshing your brand’s identity would allow you to once again reach your audience and increase the traffic to your business.

If you have decided that your business needs a makeover then also make sure that it falls in line with your marketing and business strategies going forward. Remember, you are in business for a reason and by changing your identity you are effectively changing your “message” to the public. By not aligning your new brand with your existing values it could have negative effects on your bottom line.

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