Is your big data letting you down?

Is your big data letting you down?
Organise, Back up, Clean up & Save!

Digital marketing is the most rapidly evolving point of business these days. Every day brings about a change in theory, outlook and even strategies change regularly. Already the amount of data being consumed on the various digital platforms is exponential; a quick look at twitter will reinforce this.

We have huge amounts of data being consumed and when practicing digital marketing, your business will be putting its own data out too. We can agree, that is a lot of data. The simple solution for this is to create a database. Or is it that simple?

Your company may or may not have a database system but we know that most do even if it’s just for emails or hardware back-ups. When considering your digital marketing database, there are a few steps we believe you should keep in mind, these steps will help stream line your database, make access easier and keep it relevant so as to keep your server space as small as possible, keeping costs low.

Step 1: Organise, organise – The organisation of the database is paramount. Concise folders and dates are especially important when more than one person is using it. This saves time, keeps searching efficient and also clears any ambiguity when someone is trying to decide which folder is needed for which type of data.

Step 2: Back up! – Regular back-ups will ensure that your data is never lost and if corrupted your down time is minimised. The more back-ups the better and this will be dictated by your business’ budget. If possible always have remote back-ups off site too so if there is a catastrophic event in one location, the back-ups are still available.

Step 3: Have regular clean-ups. Depending on your server size, your clean ups might have to be frequent. The key is to always save enough unused space in the event that there is something that desperately needs to be saved or backed up. How much space is entirely up to you but we recommend about 15% of your capacity.

Step 4: What do we save? The answer is, “as much as possible.” The more data you have the more advanced your outlooks on customers and trends become. More data, as long as the data is accurate, means more accuracy. Your blogs and any content you are publishing on social media or sending to clients should be saved and recorded chronologically as well as your metrics. Straight away you have on hand analysis of your progress and performance making progression simpler and often clearer.

Step 5: Most importantly, databases are only as good as what you put into them. Having a good quality control system before all your database entries will save you a lot of time in the future. You must ensure that everything on your database is relevant and accurate. It must be a 100% trusted source and a solid fall back for any decision regarding digital marketing strategies.

The consumption of data is only going to increase and the importance of data collection for all digital marketing strategies and functions will continue to determine the front runners in this field. Good data is fundamental to all your digital progressions and as such ensuring that your database is relevant and accurate will save you time, make your campaigns more accurate and save you money in the medium to long term.

We would love to know how important your data collection is for your business and whether you find that it has helped with your digital strategies. You can contact us here or on our various social media platforms listed below:
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