Is Facebook a news source?

Is Facebook a news source?We’ve been watching the outcomes and post listings for quite some time now in this regard. Tracking credible sources and information from different sources in order to decipher what people think and how they react.

This brings us to the next question, what is news?

News, we feel, is different to different people. Financial news has different meanings than to world news or local news although; it can be argued that these are in fact very much linked.

We feel that news is based on what is important to an individual and therefore personal preference. Some people are not interested in what the financial markets are doing but may be interested to know when the petrol price is going up and by how much for instance. The degree of detail required is limited by the person’s interests.

Of stark interest to us have been the reactions of people with regards to the unfortunate events in Paris this week. Videos and dialogs have filled Facebook, from CCTV footage prior to the attacks and after. The aftermath of the world’s reactions have then filled our News Feeds and then the reactions of people that have dually mentioned other conflict and attacks in different parts of the world that never made it to “world news”.

One thing we really need to remember is that with social media not everything is fact. There is a heavier weight on opinion than there is on fact. This is because well, its personal opinions of individuals rather than an industry that should be regulated by fact. This last point is also debatable but that’s for another time.

We are not discrediting social media at all, it still is one of the best sources to use when researching a topic and the market research it offers is amazing. The value it adds to a company or business is still exponential compared to other avenues. What we’re saying is, because of the power that social media wields, it can be easy to see why some people accept the contents as ‘news’ or ‘fact.’

In itself, this again goes back to the point we’ve always had. The influence of social media is undeniable. Having the ability to change people’s perceptions on a given topic, to inform masses of people on a said event and even the ability to help people from all over the world in some shape or form is nothing other than exceptional.

Social media still remains one of the best ways of keeping up to date with friends and events, keeping in mind that some sources are very opinionated still doesn’t detract from the charge that social media as a whole provides.

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