If You’re Not Moving Forward, You’re Falling Behind

As you have no doubt seen, AOM has always been a huge advocate for the E-commerce industry in South Africa, mainly due to its profitability and efficiency but also due to the many benefits it has to our economy and the end user. We have also always believed that time is the most precious resource that anyone has (no matter where you live, what you do and how much or how little you may earn). If a business can save its customer time then it is already adding value no matter the product or service – especially when combined with effective digital marketing. And so it’s with immense pride that we would like to introduce our sister company… Consumable products at the lowest prices - supply-cart.com

The Concept

Supply-cart.com was constructed by the two founders of AOM who have had the foresight to expand into the e-commerce industry and to create a user friendly, transparent and efficient e-commerce based company that could supply to the needs of everyday business owners, working parents and students alike. Instead of a supplier or manufacturer approaching a marketing agency to market their products (thereby incurring costs, meaning, a higher product price at the end of the day for its consumers), AOM has literally flipped the script on how the average transition into selling products online works. By doing so, we are able to offer top class products at vastly reduced prices. Consumable products at the lowest prices - supply-cart.com

The Aim

The aim, (besides supplying almost every work/ project based consumable and hardware product that could ever be needed) was to create a convenient and affordable means to browse and purchase a product, saving the end-user time and giving them the power and ability to dedicate this time to things that really matter i.e.: being more productive at work or enjoying quality family time. Consumable products at the lowest prices - supply-cart.comConsumable products at the lowest prices - supply-cart.com From conception to implementation, supply-cart.com has been constantly on the lookout for new products that are needed by our customers and, by partnering with some of the largest suppliers and logistics companies in South Africa, supply-cart.com is proud to be in a position to cater to the entire Southern African region. Making use of our internal digital marketing expertise, we aim to deliver the best message coupled with the easiest means to navigate and buy goods at the most affordable prices, while enjoying the very best service levels. Everything supply-cart.com is and does, is focused on making the lives of our customers more convenient, we are all about “user friendly functionality” and as a result our tagline of “Browse Click Delivered“ is the perfect way to sum up our company.

Business as usual for the AOM team

While this week’s blog is meant to help shed light on how our company has evolved and adapted to the ever changing business landscape, it is by no means an announcement that AOM will not continue operating in the digital marketing environment. We are (as we always have been) 100% committed to being the most dynamic team of online marketers in South Africa. To bolster this claim we are also proud to announce that we have increased the size of our team as well as our support staff, this all to ensure we continue to deliver world class services in our specialised fields of Lead Nurturing | Social Media Management | Performance Reporting | Inbound Marketing and Content Management, to name but a few. We genuinely hope that you will find your shopping needs catered for by supply-cart.com and your marketing needs serviced by AOM. We would also love to engage with you so, should you have any questions or comments surrounding this exciting time in our business’s history we welcome you to share your thoughts on any of our various social media platforms listed below: