Do you look as good as you use to?

Photo taken at the JHB Motor Show
Photo taken at the JHB Motor Show
Photo taken at the JHB Motor Show

Having a website is a step in the right direction true enough, but is it good enough? You might have noticed a lot of companies have recently started spending quite a lot of time and money revamping their sites, but have you stopped to think about why they are doing this?


Have you ever bought a new car and been so proud of it that you couldn’t wait to show it off? You probably had it washed every weekend just to keep it looking as good as it did when you first got it too. But as time rolls on, you get used to the feeling of having it, you get used to the looks you get from people you drive past which, inevitably leads to you skipping your weekend car wash tradition as, you gradually start putting newer things coming into your life above it.

But let’s take a step back for a moment; lets place ourselves in the shoes of one of the people you pass by while driving shall we. Imagine the difference in the way they might have perceived you when seeing your new, shiny and sleek car drive past? As opposed to seeing you driving around when it was a little less looked after? Quite a difference isn’t it.

Designing, or having a new website designed for you is very much like buying a new car for the first time, it looks great, looks classy, it’s functional for the times that it was designed for but, like all things, things change. A brand new car from the year 2007 is certainly not as appealing as a brand new car would be in 2014. Sure, they work the same, both vehicles will still get you from point A to point B much the same as a website (granted it has been maintained) will still deliver the same information about your company brand or products. But think for a moment what the message is that you are giving across to your viewers along with that information.

Your brand image and in this case your website needs to be upgraded or maintained just the same as your new vehicle does if you are to show your customers and more importantly, your potential customers that you are current and up to date in terms of being competitive with other companies in your industry.

Technology and in this case SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is also changing at such a rapid rate that if your website isn’t being maintained regularly, it may as well not exist at all as less and less people will be able to find out about it and be able to visit it.

Also, Social Media has taken over the world in terms of Online Marketing. And once again, if your site isn’t integrated into the various social media platforms and, if your presence on those platforms isn’t being updated regularly enough with informative, useful and engaging content for your target audience to consume at regular intervals, then once again your website will be taking more steps back into the dark age than an archaeologist digging up a new relic.

Websites however, don’t need to be all that tricky or that stressful for you or your brand and, should you be looking for a website re-fresh or a professional team to take care of your online presence please don’t hesitate to contact us, as usual, we look forward to our future engagements on all of our social media platforms below.

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