Why digital marketing is not for you

Side-TwoOur team was having a conversation about brand awareness this week. What makes a good brand? What instils a desire or need for that brand? How much are people willing to spend on a brand? These are all relevant questions in their own right however we agreed on an answer statement of SO WHAT…
It seems like a pretty harsh statement and we guess, to a certain extent it is but let us explain. This is the response of a large amount of businesses at present.

Consider what any given brand would be like if they had no marketing.

No radio or television adverts, no social media presence, no website and NO NOTHING. The company will function, it will make a profit and then it will hit its ceiling. Consider any national or international brand, franchise or sole company that hasn’t got a marketing presence and we will eat our words. Take it a step further, consider any of these entities that don’t have a digital marketing presence and we will eat our socks.

Do us a favour, next time you are out doing your weekly shop, in a supermarket of your choice, picking up the usual brands that you purchase, have a look at the packaging. Usually on the reverse side of the packaging, look and see how many social media icons are depicted on that packaging. Next time you are in a restaurant, having a simple meal out, look around and see how many promotions or competitions require you to use a hash tag or post on a social media platform to enter. Guaranteed, it is more than two different social media platforms.

We are not saying that being on social media makes a good brand. Of course we understand that there are other factors that lead to that but what we did agree on is that a good brand without a marketing presence, is just another brand. Market share is a very real problem these days, not because of rivalry but because of the ever increasing power of the consumer. A consumer demands to know more about your company and products. If your brand does not fit their ideals they will simply not use your services.

Again, SO WHAT… you might say and you would be right. If you are content with your company’s mediocre growth rate and adoptions, if you are happy with a low lead to client ratio or if you think that your current client base will be enough to support your company in the future then we are sorry for wasting your time.

We are not trying to convince people and companies that social media is a must have, we are simply explaining it is imperative. Every, single, local and international brand and company has a social media and digital presence. They are investing time and funding in keeping up with their consumers and clients, delivering a world class service and mode of direct communication with their customers.

In our minds, your SO WHAT… question should be, SO WHEN DO I START?