Digital Marketing for Mr. Santa Clause…

24-DecMost people have heard of Mr. Santa Clause. He is an entity that brings joy to millions of children every year. This is obviously a hypothetical blog based on a myth some of us have grown up with. Come a certain age, we discover that this magical man does not exist and quite often, parents or relatives are in fact Mr. Santa Clause. Or is it?

We have however devised a Digital Marketing strategy for Mr. Santa Clause because should he, in anyway, be concerned about his time, effort and time spent with his loved ones, he would probably realise that this is the 21st century. There are means to streamline his hectic year, converse with his millions of followers and most importantly, save him valuable time.

Our advice to Mr. Santa Clause would be as follows:

Get a robust CRM system – With millions and millions of followers it will often be tricky keeping track of all the requests and wishes pouring in from all these followers. We would guess that even the little elves struggle with all the filing and archiving this process would need. Firstly, excellent database management would be the key. Ensuring that the database is up to date and navigation is streamlined would ensure there won’t be any time wastage and more time for making toys and goodies. Regular updates and back-ups would ensure that there are no duplicates and more space for the ever increasing wishes.

Internal Communications – Having all those little elves running around making toys all year must be time consuming. How would you keep track of what is going on, how much progress has been made and how many orders have been filled? What about the praise and valuable accolades the elves have achieved at set periods of the year? We would advise at minimum, a monthly staff newsletter where the elves can be congratulated and praised, targets and performance can be registered and any other news of Mr. Santa Clause’s workshop can be displayed in the elves mailbox. Not only is this good for morale in the workshop but also displays and encourages camaraderie and good spirit, it also adds some friendly play on all levels at the workshop.

An interactive website – We all know that people are spending more and more time on the internet as a whole, specifically, social media platforms and other digital media avenues. Children as young as 4 years old can now navigate, all be it clumsily, the web. A great website would help Mr. Santa Clause monitor his following, double check his metrics and subsequently better plan his production and delivery process for this festive period. After all, I’m sure he would love to spend more time with his wife, Mrs. Mary Christmas.

Lastly, get into social media – Some will obviously say, Mr. Santa Clause doesn’t need social media. He has a massive following, more than enough traditional marketing and “word of mouth” is working just fine. Absolutely, we agree… to a point. Digital Marketing is not replacing traditional marketing…YET. There will come a time, very soon, when people will rely on activated media rather than simple advertisements. How many youths see anyone reading conventional media? That time is fast approaching and for Mr. Santa Clause, considering it will save him time and effort in the long run, lest we forget the financial implications. We don’t know if he uses money or currency, which he probably doesn’t, who knows where the world’s financial turmoil will end? We believe he would be in good stead if he considered a cheaper and more insightful alternative; just in-case said turmoil makes it to the North Pole.

These are only some of the services we would advise Mr. Santa Clause on considering to better manage and help improve his already hectic schedule.

We realise that being the keeper of so many wishes and dreams must be very demanding on top of, the hopes and dreams of all his elves. Ensuring precise processes and procedures are in place; sound understanding of the whole digital dynamic and cross pollination of these processes will lead to saving him time and effort moving forward.

The AOM team would like to wish all of our readers a very indulgent festive period.
May it be filled with warmth, laughter and the best of company! And remember that if you should need any help with your own digital marketing we are always a few clicks away and you can contact us at anytime here.

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