The dawn of mobile digital marketing is here.


With an ever changing digital landscape, it can seem quite daunting when considering a digital media strategy. First you have to consider all the website designs, SEO and CRM aspects then you have the social media aspect to consider. It can all be a bit too much.

We understand that there is a lot to take on. With the ever increasing reach of digital media, it is of course a vital consideration for any business.

The market is adapting again and it’s because of hardware. We’ve mention above that digital marketing is important and the reach is constantly growing, more so in Africa than anywhere else.

The tablet and mobile phone industries in Africa are exploding and more and more consumers are going to be digitally available.

Hardware (Tablets and mobile phones) are becoming more affordable. The various operating systems available are making this hardware increasingly more user-friendly. Considering that a tablet and mobile phone can almost do what a laptop can do but have a generally longer battery life (of course, not if you continually using it for business, for example.) It makes more sense for consumers that have limited access to electricity, funds and of course there is the security element, to buy a tablet or smart phone instead of a bulky laptop for the same price.

Considering the exponential growth in the mobile hardware industries it is imperative that companies start formulating mobile digital marketing strategies.

Mobile digital marketing is generally based on an established digital marketing strategy but with a few added considerations.

Firstly, mobile digital marketing has to be more “graphically explosive.” People online are exposed to thousands of images daily without all the other advertisements and visual stimulus we deal with on a daily basis. Focussing on making your ads or content impactful is a must to ensure viewers remember your content.

When developing your content remember that a mobile phone and tablet have smaller screens therefore limited “digital real estate” (this ties in with the first reason too.) Streamlining your written content is crucial as consumers are less likely to scroll through more than a single page on a mobile device if the content or article doesn’t catch their attention.

Catchy, catchy, catchy. With all this access to instant information putting yourself and your business one step ahead of the current trends is a must. Catchy content will win every time. Keep it in mind when developing content, if you can say what you need to say in a single sentence, stick with that. Short and sweet.

Mobile digital marketing needs to be more personal, in the sense that it resonates with individuals rather than a whole mass of people. Geolocations and demographics are the drivers of this and your metrics reporting will deliver all the information you need to achieve your desired results.

The boom of digital availability will be arriving across all socio-economic groups in Africa very, very soon.

There will of course be new markets to invest in and the best and most efficient way to do that will be by investing in your mobile digital marketing. Naturally having metrics reporting on mobile usage will also increase your market research capability ensuring you’re always ahead of the trends.

How has mobile hardware improved your business and personal routines? Do you feel awkward if you don’t have a mobile smart phone with you? We would love to hear your thoughts. You can contact us here or on our various social media platforms.