Creating a digital marketing plan for 2017

Awareness around the digitalisation of business has picked up momentum in South Africa during the second half of this year. And while it has not yet reached the level of more developed countries, local businesses are certainly gearing up to embrace a more connected way of doing things than in the past.

This strategic shift is filtering through all aspects of the business, including marketing. Granted, digital marketing is nothing new but given the context of a different operations environment, it is something that should be revisited for the new year.

So, how do you go about approaching a digital marketing plan for 2017? We have a few tips and tricks to guide you on your way.

Digital marketing system

Often, when it comes to digital marketing, people tend to focus only on the company Web site or social networks. Yet, digital is so much more than that. An effective digital campaign encompasses all aspects of digital including advertising, search engine optimisation (the SEO we all know and love), active users across platforms, and the like. As a first step, it is therefore essential to think of digital market as part of a system and not just a tiny element.


One of the many benefits of digital is the fact that you can create highly targeted, segmented campaigns focus on specific stakeholders or customers.

This not only talks to such elements as Google AdWords, but also social advertising in the form of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook where it is possible to create incredibly focused advertising campaigns. In fact, a large international software company is known to create promoted posts and Facebook ads that hits customers on a per block basis from retail outlets selling their packages.

Going mobile

While mobile is exploding throughout the world, Africa is in many instances a mobile-only continent. Affordability of devices and an influx of Wi-Fi hotspots are resulting in more consumers embracing smartphones and tablets as their only devices. Adding to this trend is the high cost of desktop and laptops with many schools pushing tablet use as an effective way of going through lessons and doing homework on.

This means that whatever you do on the digital side, mobile must be your first consideration. That includes the way copy is written (short and punchy), ads are designed (think small screen size), and size of files being transmitted (mobile data is still expensive).

These tips should be enough to give you the momentum you need to embrace 2017 in a more digitally-savvy way. After all, if you are still not catering to a connected audience, you are bound to lose your relevance in the market sooner rather than later.

We’re here to help you succeed, and would love to answer any questions you might have so, should you need any assistance with your digital marketing for 2017, please contact us here.