Blogging your way to success.

6-AugustBy far the most important tool being used by companies to generate more online traffic and engagement for their business and brands is blogging. The growth in this facet of digital marketing has been exponential in the last few years. Why you ask? It’s simple. People want new and accurate information. Consumers and businesses today do their homework and investigate new products and brands and, of course they should.

Blogging is a pivotal point in starting your Inbound Marketing process, to read; The Future is INBOUND… MARKETING click here; and the reason is because it makes you “the go to” person or business. If you are the business or person constantly putting out useful, informative and industry specific blogs, people will remember that. When you couple this with the use of good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) whenever someone looks up information in your given field and uses keywords you have designated, your name will pop up on the search engines.With this you’ll be steering that person to your website or your blog page on your website and of course generating interest.

You can use blogs to educate consumers of the benefit of your products, the services your business provides or even “handy hints” for other businesses and people in your industry. Again, if you are at the forefront of your industry in this regard whenever someone has a question they can’t find an answer to, they’ll think of your blogs and how informative they are and more often than not get in touch with you on your social media platforms or website. Also, don’t be afraid to share information, a lot of people are protective in this regard and, we are not saying that’s a bad thing but, if you are too protective, consumers or your potential service users will just find the information somewhere else.

The important thing to remember with blogs is ALWAYS, ALWAYS use original content. Of course you need to research your topic and that sometimes entails reading someone else’s material but only use that as a reference. Put your own spin and personality into your writing, remembering that by using social media and digital marketing we want to create relationships with people and that entails letting them get to know you or your brand.

Here are 3 Simple steps to get you started on your journey to great blogging:

  1. Craft your heading – We’ve used the word “craft” because sometimes this is the trickiest part. Your heading is what creates that initial spark of curiosity and ultimately leads to someone opening and reading the blog. Take your time with this one and make it as “catchy” and intriguing as possible.
  1. The topic – Use one topic per blog and try keep to the point as far as possible. Don’t worry too much about the length initially. You’ll get to know your own style of writing as you progress and your blog lengths will come naturally. As for the topic itself, let’s say for instance you’re a tax practitioner, you could do a blog on changes to tax legislation for example or if you’re a mechanic, the things to look out for when considering a vehicle service. With these kinds of topics not only are you being helpful and providing quality advice, which people will remember, you have the opportunity to tell your readers why the product or services you provide are superior.
  1. The conclusion – Use this to draw your final statement or possibly include a last bit of advice for your readers. As we said above let your readers know what products or services you provide and if they require any assistance, provide your business contact details for them to get in touch.

We will say this, blogging is one of the most rewarding parts of your digital journey and hugely beneficial in not only helping people but also keeping in touch with them. If you have any “handy hints” or useful tips you’d like to share with us, Please contact us here, or on our various social media networks.