Big Money From Small Screens?

Big Money From Small Screens?

Big Money From Small Screens?

Visual media consumption is moving away from desktops, monitors and TV’s and it is moving in the direction mobile devices, its fact. The naysayers that once said things like “you cant monetise mobile content because the screens are too small or because people aren’t spending time watching mobile content have been proved utterly wrong”.

“Anywhere, everywhere and always” – that’s the promise of mobile video. This quite simply means it is anything that you watch on a smart phone or tablet whenever or where ever you are and the implications of this promise are massive as more viewers on more devices means more opportunities for digital media companies to create and sell adverts or apps.

The challenge that presents itself to these companies is that the screen size that you can work with is smaller than usual and the creative process now is primarily focused on how to make things “pocket sized” as well as short enough to keep the viewers’ attention while still delivering the same impactful message of the brand that it is made for.

The new global medium is mobile and the little screen is going to be big!

YouTube is the clear forerunner when it comes to online video with close on 300 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute of the day.

Making a great video is very important and a good way to think about this point is by comparing it to a live demonstration/ presentation that you would normally need to do in order to show off why your product is so much better than its competitor.

This, as I am sure you are aware can be very time constraining as you need to work around your customers schedules, also the 80 – 20 rule means that about 20% of your customers produce 80% of your sales which means a lot of misses for very few hits.

Now just think about the implications of creating a really great video. It could take a lot of time initially to produce an aesthetically pleasing video but once it’s done and it is marketed on social media, your live demonstration/ presentation is now in the hands of your customers, at a click of button and can be viewed at their convenience. Whether that’s in the morning or at night, during lunch or after hours, at work or on the golf course – your message goes wherever they go.

It’s the kind of intimacy with your customers that most marketers have only dreamed about achieving, it’s also something that has pushed YouTube’s mobile year on year earnings up by 100% – that’s in the region of $4, 000, 000, 000 (Four Billion Dollars) last year alone.

The buzz term right now is “mobile monetisation” and people, especially in South Africa are yet to grasp its true might but, as online video becomes a part of everyone’s daily life being able to innovate quick enough is key to staying ahead of the late adapters in this market.

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