Want to learn how to be a better app designer? Thanks to Facebook now you can

Want to learn how to be a better app designer? Thanks to Facebook now you can

Facebook has released all its free design tools to the public in a repository called Design Resources.  Here, you can use Facebook’s proprietary Origami tool and use iOS 9 graphical user interface templates, you can even gain access to blank image templates for when it’s time to show off imagery of your new app.

But if it’s free for everyone does that mean it’s bad for current designers?

Quite simply, No it isn’t. If anything by releasing these sorts of design tools to the public it should actually spur designers on to be better and more efficient at what they do. Facebook hasn’t made web design any easier for the normal business owner who wants an app built, they have made it easier for designers to solve said business man’s wants and needs quicker but also they have given designers the tools they need to take functionality and user experience to the next level.

In an article by Beath Dean she points out that “design for the web is still in its adolescence. In the early aughts we learned to build websites without tables, then we learned to use data to make decisions. Emotion never played a role in driving page views, purchases or video plays. We just needed to get people from point A to point B. People live their entire lives online now, we’re embarking on a new frontier as designers; we’re designing frameworks for people to exist online — a lot like they do offline.”

So what does this release mean for you the business owner?

Design work can be frustrating on a business owner, you may have the concept in your head but the problem is sometimes how you go about explaining what it is you want to your designer and in turn in the designer’s ability to understand and transform your idea into a tangible mock up.

Designing or having sometime designed that is pleasing to everyone involved is a task that will have up’s and downs – guaranteed. This is because the variety of opinions out there in terms of design and functionality but also due to the turnaround time it usually takes to get something from paper to screen.

By releasing tools to the public to assist in these issues we are sure that production and status meeting will be a lot easier from this point on – So big up’s to Facebook!

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