Be a Social Media Rock Star While Enjoying The Festive Season


With the festive season in full swing we are sure that most of us are thinking about buying presents or counting the hours till we leave for our much deserved holidays. With this in mind we thought that it might come in handy to know that while you are able to leave work behind and relax this month, you don’t necessarily need to let your social media marketing stagnate while you are away from your desk.

We have created a list of the four best, simplest and most popular activities to try on social media, and best of all you are able to schedule these in advance, making you look like a social media rock star while you enjoy the December sun!

Write a short thank you note – schedule it to be published at later time.

Everyone likes to hear they are appreciated so we suggest writing short thank you note to your customers and employees. You can do this right now and set it up to be published at a later time. Not only will everyone think better of you for thinking of them but it will also generate organic reach for your business.


Customise your social media account images with a festive season look and feel.

This again is something that can be done now and scheduled for a later “go live” date, you can also make use of this new “digital real estate” to inform your customers about your closing times and when they can expect you to reopen in the new year.

Create a festive advert campaign.

Just because you are away from the office doesn’t mean you can’t carry on advertising your products and services. Social media in general sees much higher traffic rates over the festive season because people generally have more time to spend online. Running brand awareness campaigns while you are away is a great idea to ensure that you continue to be at the forefront of your customers minds.


Implement creative and catchy “out of office” replies.

The most annoying thing for anyone in our day and age is not being replied to. Even over the festive season your customers will still have a degree of expectation that you or your business would respond to them should they enquirer about anything. Ensuring that your “out of office” reply is catchy will not only help manage their expectations but would also help make you stand out from your competitors.

Should you need any advice about putting any of the above ideas in place please feel free to
contact us here.

The AOM team would like to wish you and your family a very merry and blessed festive season. Travel safely wherever it may be that you are headed and we look forward to our future engagements
in 2016.