Be a Better Leader on Social Media

Be a Better Leader on Social Media - AOM

In the world as we know it today very few facets of life have been left untouched by the effects of social media. From the entrepreneur on the streets to global politics, social media has an influence on what we do, how we do it and how we communicate it to each other.

Having a presence on any social media platform comes with the unwritten rule that we acknowledge the fact that we will be under the spot light, we leave ourselves open to criticism from anyone out there reading our posts, comments, tweets or blogs. This fact has morphed the business side of social media into a realm of (for lack of a better phrase) protective openness, let me explain:

Knowing that any number of people are watching what you say has turned into a condition of being careful of what you say, industry leaders have a team of spin doctors on hand, proof reading what they are about to post so that what comes out in the end is, at most times is, clearly doctored, calculated and cold.

This is so true to the extent that we forget what actually made social media the game changing power tool is it today, the fact that it is a medium to share ones thoughts, interests and opinions on things that matter to us. We have also forgotten how advantageous it can be to our profiles, reputations and future customers if we leverage this “personal” touch.

People like honesty

We are by no means telling you that it is ok to go on an almighty rant about how bad your day was using every profanity phrase out there. But the honest truth is if what you say comes across as genuine then people will respond better.

Don’t avoid negativity

We will never be able to avoid negative feedback on social media, but when it happens (and trust us it will) use the situation to elevate your standing amongst your followers instead of responding negatively and making the situation worse.

Set the bar high

To quote John C. MaxwellLeaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them”. The people watching your every word online are more than likely admirers of yours so by all means watch how you say things the same way you would if you were giving a speech at your old primary school. More importantly however is that the people that work under you are also most likely among your followers, leading by example can only motivate them to follow suit thereby increasing the chances that your company’s reputation will be spoken and looked at in a positive light.

Social media – the game changer

If used correctly social media has the ability to create hype, make change for good and reach millions of people around the world no matter what it is that you believe in and, granted it’s a cause worth talking about and granted you go about it in the right manner we see no reason to fear what or how you say it.

Social media is after all one enormous conversation, you can either be the leader that people want to hear from and are inspired by the things you say or you can be the boring guy at the water cooler that people dread hearing from.

To post or not to post – that is the question

The choice is ultimately yours, and to quote John C. Maxwell again “Leadership is influence” and we hope that this week’s blog has lit a spark in you to be bold not boring, creative not mundane and most importantly, we look forward to future engagements with you.

We welcome your thoughts, suggestions or questions here or on any of our social media platforms below.