7 very interesting facts about social media.

7 very interesting facts about social media.Social media is continually changing and growing. With the increasing interest in data mining there are some very interesting facts that are surfacing, here are 10 of the most interesting ones:

1. The fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55–64 year young age bracket.

• This demographic has grown 79% since 2014.
• The 45–54 year age bracket is the fastest growing demographic on both Facebook and Google+.

• For Facebook, this group increased 46%.
• For Google+, 56%. (This is mainly for the USA though, South Africa is still dormant for Google+)
Not just for teenagers is it?

Keep older users in mind when using social media, particularly on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Our age makes a difference to our taste and interests, so if you’re focusing on younger users with the content you post, you could be missing an important demographic.

2. 189 million of Facebook’s users are ‘mobile only’

More and more people around the world are using mobile devices; mobile use generates about 30% of Facebook’s ad revenues.

There are ever increasing users accessing Facebook from mobile devices. It’s worth considering how your content displays on mobile devices and smaller screens before posting it, particularly if your target market is full of mobile users. Make sure you making sharing on mobile devices as straight forward as possible to increase your engagements.

3. YouTube reaches more adults aged 18–34 than any cable/TV network

This is not to say that one video on YouTube will reach more people or viewers than a TV ad but a consistent page with great content and videos will eventually generate the traffic you desire.

If you’ve been putting off adding video to your strategy, now’s the time to start considering it. You could start small with a simple 2 minute video explaining what your company does or introducing your team. Be creative and fun.

4. Every second 2 new members join LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, continues to grow every second. From groups to blogs, career advice and job vacancies, this platform is an opulent source of information and generates vast topics of conversation for professionals who want to connect to others in their industry but with other industries too.

LinkedIn is definitely worth paying attention to. In particular, this is a place where you may want to focus more on new users.

5. Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the web

We all knew social media was popular, but really? It is the most common thing we do online. So next time you are watching videos on Facebook or YouTube, you can be sure that the majority of people online at the same time are doing something similar. Social media carries more weight than ever. It’s clearly not a teenage fad, or a phase. It continues to grow as a habit, and new platforms continue to appear and develop.

Putting time and effort into your social media strategy clearly makes sense with these stats available. If you weren’t already serious about social media, you might want to rethink it.

6. 25% of smartphone owners ages 18–44 say they don’t remember the last time they didn’t have their phone with them

Ever feel naked or at a loss without your mobile phone? We do. It’s pretty clear that mobile is a growing space that we need to pay attention to. If 25% of people aged 18–44 can’t remember not having their phone with them, there are probably very few times when they’re not connected to the web in some way.

Although this means reaching anyone at any time is possible it blurs the line between marketing and badgering. Don’t forget that having a phone in your pocket at all times isn’t the same as being available all the time.

7. 25% of Facebook users don’t bother with privacy settings

This is surprising considering how often we’ve seen and heard of data breaches and personal info used for scams. We’ve seen a lot of news about social media companies and privacy. Privacy and security are something to keep in mind when using social media. It is wise not to assume that all of your customers think the same or even similarly. Try not to base too much of your client info on things you’ve read in journals and the news for instance. Use the social media tools to get to know your customers better. Remember, your customers might have very different priorities and concerns than what you expect.

These are just fun facts but they have very real implications when it comes to your social media strategy and target audiences. The phenomenal thing is that as you’ve read this blog, those stats have already morphed.

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