6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Inbound Marketing

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Inbound Marketing

There are millions of articles, blogs, adverts and posts published every single day. The world of both traditional marketing as well as online marketing is chaotic, to say the least. The goal of any online marketing strategy should not be to add to this pandemonium, but to guide customers away from it.

Inbound marketing is about attracting the right customers by producing content that is relevant to them. It is customer driven through engagement on social media, as opposed to product focused marketing or traditional marketing. Inbound marketing allows you to engage with individuals that are interested in your business’ area of expertise, ensuring targeted marketing and connecting your business to individuals who have a higher tendency to become loyal brand ambassadors and consumers.

Inbound marketing is not simply designed for making sales online. What is the first thing you do when you need to find something but aren’t sure where to find it? That’s right, you ”Google it” or post a question on Facebook. A strong inbound marketing strategy makes it easier for you to find the company you are looking for online or improve “digital word of mouth” through your Facebook friends.

Inbound marketing is also far cheaper and more effective, compared to traditional marketing. Think of traditional marketing in terms of fishing, you would place your bait on your rod (your advert) and cast (distribute or print) it into the water (TV, Adverts), hoping for a bite from a passing fish (potential customer).

All of this probably took an incredibly long time and cost a pretty penny didn’t it? This is effectively what you are doing by solely using traditional marketing methods as your only means to drive sales.

Inbound marketing uses more effective methods in driving customers to your business. To clearly define them, let’s refer back to the fishing analogy. Instead of placing your bait on a rod and blindly casting it out into a pool where you “assume” your biggest fish are swimming, inbound marketing places your fisherman in an area (or in this case a social media platform) where we know your customers are more inclined to be. More importantly, instead of using a single fishing rod, we place a net at your disposal, enticing the fish towards the bait, your website.

An example of effective inbound marketing would be a company that makes handbags. Said handbag business would promote their brand by publishing blogs about ways and means of caring for handbags through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Not only is the company informing their audience that new and relevant information is available, but they are also driving their audience to the point they want them to be, you guessed it – their website. This would now be the perfect opportunity for the company to display their new range of handbags and store locations or e-commerce facilities don’t you think? Therefore, less effort, less expense, better service more customers and more money, any takers?

Inbound marketing is about drawing your customers to your business, it is effectively about getting to know them, what their habits are and what their likes and dislikes may be. Inbound marketing involves providing relevant content to your potential customers with the aim of gaining more insight, in order to add value to their lives. The only way to effectively gain these insights is by the use of accurate reporting methods.

If you are interested in implementing or improving your inbound marketing we welcome you to take a tour of our four new incredible inbound marketing packages now on offer!

  • If you are a small business or an entrepreneur we understand that being able to afford a full time marketing employee is an expense few can afford. So, to assist you in starting out with a bang that is sometimes needed to attract vital customers, we at AOM have designed a Starter Pack just for you at very affordable price to help put your business on the map!


  • Our Lite Package is ideal for businesses that do not have an online marketing presence. This is an entry level package and is the perfect way to let your potential customers know who, what and where you are.


  • Our Basic Package is aimed at companies wishing to expand on their existing online marketing activities in order to drive up revenue.


  • And finally, Our Full Package is aimed at business’s wishing to have our dedicated online marketing team handle their digital marketing as well as their online public relations.

For more information on our inbound marketing plans we welcome you to visit our detailed page here or alternatively you may contact us directly. Either way, we look forward to putting your business on the map and to delivering the results that you deserve.



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