5 steps to make your Social Media campaign a success

5 steps to make your Social Media campaign a success

5 steps to make your Social Media campaign a success

Over the past five months we have discussed a range of benefits that using social media can have for your business. Now that we have the reasons why your business should have an online presence, we would like to look at ways of ensuring your social media campaigns are successful as well as helping you repeat your successes in the future.

There are five points that one should always keep in mind when planning any kind of campaign online, be it something as simple as a launch of a new blog or something as complex as an entirely new product or service offering. These points are not only imperative during your planning phases but should be kept in the forefront of your mind through-out the entire process, from the “go-live” date right through to the performance review of your campaigns results.

“Own” your titles

Be creative, be thought provoking, and be daring. The title of your posts, blogs or articles are the very first thing your target audience will read when seeing your content. No matter how good the rest of the piece is, if you don’t grab them with the title then you have lost a potential client. Use keywords, stats and action phases when creating your titles, above all else let the reader know what they are going to gain from taking the time to read your content.

Use great graphics

The majority of people online today are quite simply inundated with the vast amounts of content that is constantly being made available for them to consume. The competition for every reader’s attention is an on-going battle that all marketers need to contend with. If your title doesn’t grab the reader’s eye then your image is next up on the priority list. According to Trend Reports, between 65 and 85% of people describe themselves as visual learners. This means they digest information more easily by viewing an image instead of reading text.

Know your audience

Knowing when to post is almost as important as what you post, understanding when your audience is most active online is key to giving your content the best possible chance at being seen and consumed by your potential customers and brand advocates. The easiest way to gauge when best to publish your content is by looking at your past metrics reports and identifying patterns or trends. However if you do not have reporting software available to you the next best approach is to make use of the basic, free reports that the majority of social media platforms offer.

Speak their language

While it goes without saying that you should speak to your audience in the language they understand, what we are really trying to convey here is to make use of words that your target market commonly use in their daily lives. Don’t try over complicate things by trying to use prodigious words when you could just as easily have used the word big.

Be analytical

This step is possibly the most important in any campaign, as Peter Drucker once said “You cannot manage what you do not measure”. By analysing your campaign’s performance you are able to see exactly what worked and what did not. Which sort of content your audience favours and which content is not. But why is this useful you might ask?

The answer is simple, if you know what is working and what isn’t then you have already saved time and therefore money on every campaign you are thinking of running in the future, and that is because the process is always the same… do more of what worked! 

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