5 Social Media Best Practices

2-DecAs predicted the South African market is gaining more and more traction towards social integration. It does still seem like it’s reserved for the larger companies and small business isn’t quite there yet but, it’s catching up fast.

The consensus generally, is even the large corporations are only using social media because an executive from an overseas office “compelled” them to.

Each and every business has the ability to level the playing field in terms of brand awareness, digital marketing and general customer relations. Here are 5 best practices to get you going:
  1. Keep the social, in social media. Pretty obvious isn’t it? Not really, still we find brands that don’t interact, don’t share news and don’t tell stories. They just use it for promotions or competitions. That’s not very social is it? Social is generally defined as an interaction of sorts which means, conversing and chatting, letting people get to know you. It isn’t about just broadcasting on a street corner hoping someone will notice for example.
  2. Determine your voice and tone. This goes hand in hand with number 1. It’s no secret that not all people get on with everyone. Social media is no different. Your brand and business more than likely pertain to certain types of people or age groups. With that in mind, your voice and tone should reflect your audience. We are not saying that you should put on an act; chances are your business reflects that already. What we mean is that your social media presence should reflect that.
  3. Be transparent. Openness goes a long way with social media. It galvanises trust with your followers and community. Give your followers “backstage” information to your business. Create videos, employee profiles and give them sneak peaks of what your business is up to. Give people the chance to get to know the individuals that make up your organisation, people find it easier to relate to individuals than they do to relate to a company.
  4. Be Proactive and Engaged. Keep an eye on conversations in your community that way you can join other groups in conversation. That way it shows you’re not only interested in your own news and conversations. Much the same as no one likes someone who always just speaks about themselves at a party.
  5. Always, always respond. Whether it’s positive or negative, always reply. Again it’s such a simple principal that people still get wrong. Would you ignore someone that addressed you personally face to face? Absolutely not. Don’t do it on social media. It’s rude and obnoxious. If someone takes the time to engage with you, the least you can do is respond.
As people, we have a tendency to over complicate things from time to time. The beauty of social media is that it is simply a digital representation of you. Converse the way you would face to face, in everyday life and we think you’ll be set from there.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on social media and whether it is proving beneficial in developing new followers for your business, you can contact us here or on any of our various social media platforms.