5 advantages to consider when buying e-commerce…


There’s a lot of hype around e-commerce and the facts and figures are undeniable. We can tell you that it is a billion dollar industry, the growth rate of the industry is expanding rapidly and all that but …what is in it for you, the consumer? We’ve thought of 5 advantages for consumers and here they are:

1. Geographic location means nothing.

Obviously this is to a point. It wouldn’t make sense for a person in Antarctica to order a hat from a business in India, or would it? The beauty of e-commerce is that, if you wanted to you could. With courier services and air freight the way it is today, you could, even though it might take 3 to 4 weeks. Geographic location is an issue but certainly not a handicap. The only thing to really consider is how long you are willing to wait for your parcel. You can buy anything; from anywhere in the world should you wish.

2. Open 24/7/366 (on leap years).

E-commerce never sleeps and time zones don’t matter. You can shop at anytime, anywhere in the world. Of course a store that is “always” open is so much more convenient.

3. Save the time.

Not only does it save physically going to the store which is a massive time saving but what about the experience in-store? Queues, crowds, personal space invaders, all making for a rather uncomfortable experience sometimes. Then the dreaded curse of the tills. 5 tills, only 1 is working and the Pay on Site (POS) machine is struggling, whimpering for a connection. No thanks. Chill, with your feet up, in the comfort of your own home or wherever you like to shop and have it delivered to you.

4. Comparing goods on a whim.

Most e-commerce websites allow you direct comparisons of all the products they offer on a single page with the detail you need at the click of a button. Price and specifications are readily and easily available without having to walk a marathon around a store a) trying to find a person who can actually assist you b) finding the products you are looking for and again, saving the uncomfortable experience in between.

5. Locate your product quicker and cheaper.

There is no need to walk down isles, or ask anybody to show you where anything is. E-commerce sites are generally concise, well thought out and very clear. You can search by brand, product and category which all lead to you finding exactly what you need in a fraction of the time it would take in a conventional retail store.

Saving time is a big thing but the convenience involved with e-commerce is the true champion. Then there’s the price, yes our earlier example means that when including delivery, getting a hat sent from India to the Antarctic is probably not the cleverest idea, or most cost effective e-commerce is certainly cheaper than retail stores.

Of course, sometimes it is more expensive when you have to add a delivery fee but, there are e-commerce sites that don’t charge delivery.Keep a look out for these e-commerce stores, they will save you loads of time and money.

These 5 points alone make e-commerce a dream. No queues, save time and money. What is not to like? 

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