4 Ideas to Freshen Up Your Website for Spring


Spring is in the air. We can hardly believe it but it’s that time of the year again, when we all get a bee in our bonnet and start our spring cleaning. For most people this means cleaning out the house, tidying up the office or putting a fresh coat of paint your walls, but why not freshen up your website while you are at it?

A spring clean doesn’t necessarily mean overhauling every page you have worked so hard to create, instead why not freshen things up with these nifty ideas:

Consider a change of colour.

If a change is as good as a holiday or if a new outfit makes you feel like a new person, imagine what it could do for your website? Consider changing small things like the colours of links or navigation bars, nothing drastic, just minor touches to give it an overall fresh look.

Replace those old images.

Website images are typically they are the first thing a visitor sees when they land on your website so changing these up every couple of months is always a good idea. Maybe you want the visitor to take the some kind of action, or perhaps you have a new special on and you would like them to click through to see more, if all your readers see is that your design elements are the same way they have been for months they will not be very likely to take action or visit your site again.

Spruce up your social media profiles.

If your website is the face of your business then think of your social media accounts as your best friend introducing a new customer to you. Social media is where your customers are more likely to engage with you for the first time and, as the saying goes “First Impressions Last”. So, this spring why not consider changing your cover images to a more energetic feel or perhaps even make use of them to announce your refreshed website?

Give your newsletter a face-lift.

If you make use of any sort of CRM or Lead Nurturing for your business then this would be the ideal time to change the look, feel and layout of your communications. Remember the aim is always to leave a positive impression on your customers/ leads minds so energising “how” you say things is almost as important as “what” you say to begin with.

Do you have any ideas that you would like to add to this list? Or perhaps you need more advice on how to go about spring cleaning your online presence? Please feel free to contact us here or on any of our social media platforms below.