3-SepAs consumer habits and trends change we as businesses have to adapt to their needs and wants. Consumers need and demand a higher rate of engagement and stimulus in order to be convinced to buy goods or services and this is what has created the need for customisable, quantifiable Customer Relationship Management systems.

CRM systems and theories are forever changing and evolving and for good reason. No industry is the same and no two clients or customers are the same…why should they be treated the same? The detail good CRM systems allow these days is phenomenal and it empowers you to mould all the aspects of your business to better serve your clients, customers and your employees too.

Although CRM systems are completely malleable and customisable for business, we believe there are 4 fundamental points that should be prevalent in every CRM system and they are:

Value – Firstly the value that this will add to your customers, an email to say happy birthday is a good start, it’s a nice gesture. It builds a relationship. Take it a step further though, if you’re a mechanic for example you email your clients to remind them about their maintenance plan service dates. That’s the value; you are helping them to keep their vehicle plan up to date and in order. Value is the “over and above” service aspects that set you apart from everyone else because you care and want to develop long lasting client relationships.

Credibility – This is aimed at your business specifically. Here’s an example, have you ever seen or heard of a business from a friend or co-worker that has told you about a service provider or shop and have pricked your interest, you think “Sounds great, I’ll check them out and find their address.” You have a look for their website, firstly it’s not much short of a mission to find the right website and then when you get to the website it’s uneventful, boring and unprofessional. It immediately detracts from that company’s credibility doesn’t it? Credibility is all about how your business comes across over the various digital platforms because ultimately that’s where people are going to find your business. A professional website and regularly updated social media accounts go a long way to bolstering a company’s credibility.

Respect – It’s an obvious one however we believe it should be more than “treat customers how you’d want to be treated.” The “P’s and Q’s” are imperative of course and we believe it’s the personal aspects of your engagements with your customers that truly amplify your respect. For instance being able to greet a regular customer by name is not only a courtesy but shows how much you respect and value them.

Relevance – Again no two clients are the same. For example, a regular customer that buys shampoo from you every month may not be interested in the specials you are promoting for new hair dyes but may be interested in the specials you have for hair conditioners. Try and get to know your customers as best you can and find out what they are interested in. Surveys are useful for this. Not only will this help you better understand what your “best sellers” or “strong points” are but by sending your customers lists of things that you know are specifically relevant and of interest to them, you increase the value of your messages, newsletters and engagements with them.

The key to these aspects are to mould them to your business and company ethos to best portray your company values and beliefs. Building relationships takes time but by having a good CRM system that allows you to keep up to date with your customers and clients helps your business add value for them, keeps your business relevant and will inevitably build a respectful relationship between your clients and business.

What would you say are important aspects when considering your CRM deliverables? Let us know here or on our various social media platforms below.

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