4 Essentials for Building Your Brand on Social Media

4 Essentials for building your brand on social media

4 Essentials for building your brand on social media

Firstly, you need to know what you’d like to achieve when it comes to your business social media. Do you want to increase your followers? Encourage them to use your services or products? No matter what your aims on social media are, your followers need to know you, understand you even. You achieve this by building your brand.

Your brand values and ethos are an extension of your business’s personality and here are 4 essentials to build brand trust and knowledge:

Provide shareable, valuable content – What is “shareable, valuable content?” Let’s start by saying it should be your own content. By this we mean it should be written or at very least edited and spun by you.

Reason being, sharing someone else’s content drives them away from your platforms to the content platform. Always try making it your content, even if you it means elaborating on a topic.

Use images, this is the best way to create “shareable content.” Images pop, have the wow factor and can be shared in seconds, there is no need to read or ponder with an image.

It has been shown that images receive 94% more views than text. Use that to your advantage.

Create brand ambassadors – This essential goes hand in hand with point number one. By publishing great content people will get to know your brand, they’ll get to know your business. They will then decide, “hey, I remember seeing so-and-so business on social media, I need that.” They engage with your business where they have an awesome customer experience, they then share that awesome experience on social media and tah-da, your first brand ambassador has arrived. It does take time doing this but in our experience once you have your first brand ambassador your content shares explode and your organic reach will follow. It is by far, the best thing we’ve done for sure.

Choose your platforms wisely – We have been through this in previous blogs but it is worth mentioning again.

Think carefully about the platforms you’d like to use.

They all have different aspects that make them popular. People are generally always quick to go for Facebook and Twitter, understandably of course. They do have the largest worldwide followings and users. Our tip, consider your local area and target groups. Facebook although monstrously powerful may not always be your first choice. For example you have a visually stimulating product which may favour regular image posts in which case Instagram may be better. Keep it in mind and consider what different platforms offer in order to maximise favourable exposure.

Campaigns, campaigns, campaigns – Campaigns are a must. Straight away most people think “campaigns, I must have a give-away or competition!” No, not necessarily. Yes, those are forms of campaigns but so are publishing a monthly blog with industry specific news or important updates.

Campaigns are any sort of event or engagement where you require followers to interact.

What this means is, stimulating your followers to help, produce or engage with you for a particular time or cycle.

Give-aways are generally the simplest way to generate this however, being creative can be more rewarding. An example of Maersk shipping company springs to mind. Instead of train spotting they had ship spotting. All they wanted was for people to share great pictures/images of Maersk vessels all around the world. It was the most successful campaign anyone had seen to that point in time.

Creativity will trump money 9 times out of 10.

Building your brand is one of the most important parts of your business. It deserves a big portion of your consideration. Sometimes it’s difficult because you have so many other things to consider too, let us help. The AOM team is always on hand and we’d love to help you or just give you a little advice if you’d like. You can get in touch here or on any of our various social media platforms.