3 quick steps to improve your digital marketing… FOR FREE.

11-MarchDigital marketing is most certainly gaining traction here is South Africa. It will not be long before all individuals and business start realising all the benefits that digital marketing can bring to a company.

In our previous blogs, which you can read here, we’ve discussed all the benefits and reasons why digital marketing is the future. The message is most certainly starting to sink in and a large amount of industry and business is converting.

This is fantastic because of the savings and the exposure that digital marketing offers but unfortunately because it is still relatively new, in a South African context anyway, there are still some things that companies are forgetting or neglecting when setting up their digital profiles.


Number 1: Not having your company website, mobile responsive. This is our team’s biggest “pet hate” at the moment. If we land on a website that is not mobile responsive it gets forgotten straight away. We know it isn’t only us doing that either. The facts and figures are readily available, most people do their “digital surfing” on a smart phone or other mobile device. Don’t be one of those businesses that is losing out on business opportunities unnecessarily. There are free plug-ins available that will allow you to convert, in fact the plug-in, will convert your website into a mobile format for you, for a multitude of mobile devices and mobile operating systems.

Number 2: Get yourself trained in using digital analytics. What’s the point of having a brilliant digital marketing presence and your amazing website if you have no idea how well they are doing at attracting people? The numbers are what will keep you heading in the right direction, learn to interpret and understand your metrics. Google and YouTube are your friend, use them. The information is all for free. You can find step by step tutorials to bring you up to speed with improving your digital footprint using metrics and analytics.

Number 3: Automate. You can automate a fair amount of your digital footprint and let it work for you if you can’t keep an eye on it all the time. We wouldn’t advise automating your responses, only because you run the risk of alienating your followers but for most of the rest of it, automate. Save yourself the time if you need. Produce your content when you have the time and store it in your digital cache and let the automation run it for you. Again, all this information is readily available for anyone that would like to know more. Use it, it’s for free. Digital

Marketing shouldn’t be cumbersome or make your life more difficult, it’s there to improve and maximise what you have all whilst reducing costs and if you’re automating, save a lot of time too. We are always interested to hear how well your digital marketing is performing and as always, if there is anything we can help with contact us here or on our various social media platforms.