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Who we are  | What we do | What we have done MOST  Importantly... What we can do for you. The term “melting pot” or “talent pool” is aptly used to describe the AOM team. With over 10 years’ experience in digital marketing, data mining and lead nurturing, what AOM brings to the table more than anything is industry knowledge, the essence that brings together and binds the vast and extremely complicated industry of digital marketing. Apart from our past and present client list, our team boasts years of experience working for both international as well as local companies. Ours is one of the few marketing companies in South Africa with the ability to boast a team that comprises of highly experienced social media and digital marketing experts, graphic designers as well as a metrics specialists and web designers under the same roof. Working with a range of companies both large and small, the AOM team has built up quite a reputation for being hardworking, friendly, effective and efficient among all its happy clients.